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Helping People Achieve Mental Breakthrough




"The Mental Bouncer"

Jon Peterson is a Mindset Coach who specializes in mental breakthrough, and has become a sought-after keynote speaker for corporate events, schools, churches and real estate events.

My Story:

I was at my lowest...

My wife was cheating on me, took our 2 girls and moved out while I was at work, so I came home to an empty house - I lost everything, I was evicted, had a negative bank account and my car was repossessed. I know it sounds like a bad country song, but this was really happening to me - I was devastated!

I had thoughts of suicide​ and other terrible thoughts.

It was at this point, that I learned I could speak to my thoughts... and so can you!

I'll teach you how to overcome fear and achieve mental breakthrough, so you can live and walk in freedom, while achieving your goals.

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“Jon helped me change my mindset. And to realize how powerful our minds are, and that what we focus on expands"

Mandy Kimbell, TX

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